Join us on Sunday mornings

We meet each Sunday at 10 a.m. at the YFC Adventure Center, 1544 Route 9 in Halfmoon, NY 12065. Come as you are! We at Liberty Christian Fellowship invite you to participate in what God is doing through us.

Renewed Faith Restores a Nation

In 2010, a revival began as Pastor Earl realized Judges 2:10 has happened in America, and “there arose another generation after them, which knew not the LORD, nor the works which he had done for Israel.” God gave Earl a series of messages . . .

Light in the Darkness

God is establishing His light through Liberty Christian Fellowship as a beacon in this darkness to promote:

  • Christian discipleship that walks in the benefits of Biblical Morality.
  • Reversing the government’s pressure to deny and suppress America’s True Christian heritage . . .

America Is A Christian Nation

Please take 5 minutes and view this message from Pastor Earl Wallace to see how we have been led astray from America’s Christian Foundation, and what steps us in the right direction.

Mission Statement

The mission of Liberty Christian Fellowship is: 

  • To glorify God; spread the Good News of Jesus Christ, and provide opportunities for people to worship and grow as disciples. 
  • Unpack each phrase of the Bible, while being accurate historians to present how God has acted throughout time so we understand how it applies to us living it out today.
  • Demonstrate how God continues to be active in the world today, consistent with what He told us in Scripture He is doing and will do.
  • Equip the next generation with these truths and perspectives.  

Whole Passage Bible Teaching

Teaching that deals with the entire passages. This style is exegetical, yet keeps the big picture in view to explain why God includes each passage in scripture.

Its focus is practical vs. esoteric studies that only interest “scholars”.

It avoids cherry-picking scriptures to teach only politically correct “topical” messages.

We get a better understanding of God’s perspective.

Worship that Magnifies God

Our worship aims to help you experience the 4 steps of communing with God. We want you, within the privacy of your own heart, to have the opportunity to:

  • Enter into His Gates with Thanksgiving and into His Courts with Praise,
  • Enter into the temple of Congregational Worship by glorifying God’s attributes,
  • Approach the Altar to Confess sins & pledge Allegiance to God, our Savior.
  • Enter into the Holy of Holies for quiet reflection before God, allowing Him to speak to you.

Who We Are

At our services you will find we

  • love God and people.
  • are modest in our casual dress.
  • enjoy a blend of contemporary and traditional worship music.
  • learn from expository Bible teaching.
  • help children learn in an environment that is upbeat, creative and fun!

That same attention to scriptural detail is woven through the fun in our age-appropriate children’s programs.

We meet each Sunday at 10 a.m. at:

YFC Adventure Center

1544 Route 9

Halfmoon, NY 12065

Liberty Christian Fellowship Church