America’s founding fathers understood that our rights come from God. Government today cannot violate the Bill of Rights without violating the 10 commandments.  They realized God was saying through:

Commands # 1-4 – “you have a right to worship God the way the Bible says to worship Him.”
Command # 5 – “you have a right to an honorable family.”
Command # 6 – “you have a right to defend your life and not be murdered. ”
Command # 7 – “you have a right to have sex only with your marriage partner,” and “you have a right not to be sexually assaulted.”
Command # 8 – “you have a right not to be stolen from – nor have your property improperly seized.”
Command # 9 – “you have a right not to be lied to, slandered or falsely accused.”
Command #10 – “you have a right not to have your belongings or property coveted.“