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Listen close to this tale, my friend 
Of a life that will never end 
Freely given for you and me 
Takes an open heart to see 
He was born in the town of Bethlehem 
Few men knew Christ even then 
Still a legend He came 
Soon we’ll see His final reign 

A tender shoot of Jesse comes 
And He shall be the chosen one 
A robust boy from a Nazarene slum 
A light to the gentiles, a mighty kingdom has come 
He was no less than God, yet no more than man 
So much like me, but from The Father’s hand 
He feels my pain, yet never bowed by sin 
And He shall come to end our suffering 
Heaven and earth in one man did meet 
The judgement throne became the mercy seat 
The one who could cast the very first stone 
Says I forgive you; go and sin no more 

Listen, my friends it’s true 
Jesus is coming back for you 
Love, Peace, Joy will be made full when The Shoot of Jesse comes 
Just can’t keep a good man down 
Tender Shoot of Jesse come to your town 
Bring the sick; bring the lame 
Tender Shoot of Jess coming my way 
Hey-ey, yeah, what a day 
Tender Shoot of Jess coming my way