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On this National Day of Prayer, let’s pray that America repents and gets out from under the lie of “separation of church and state.”  In America this lie was perpetrated and made popular through IRS policy in 1954.  Note it is a policy, as Congress never voted on the so-called Johnson Amendment, upon which the IRS policy allegedly is based!  No God-fearing Congressman in 1954 publicly would have voted on an amendment that would encourage churches to abrogate the first amendment, free speech rights America’s Founding Fathers established for Christian churches and all people, which is why that first amendment begins with “freedom of religion.”
The “separation of church and state” policy is un-Biblical, because if God intended to separate Himself from the state, He never would have drowned Pharaohs army in the sea, as recorded in Exodus in The Bible, when that head of state led his nation to disobey God.  All the major prophets in the Bible, including John The Baptist, were assigned by God and led by the Holy Spirit to speak to the heads of state, and call them to repentance.  The God of The Bible is not going to separate Himself from any part of His creation.  He is Lord of All!
It is counter-intuitive for our churches to pray today for our nation-state, from which on other days they believe and preach that God has separated Himself.
Deceptive people who control the IRS foisted this lie into the American public, and seminaries and churches cooperate by perpetuating the lie. Think about it – our nation is under a curse because our churches have organized under and are preaching through the paradigm of the lie of “separation of church and state”!  This is why so many of the sins of our body politic go undressed by pulpits.
Lying is a violation of 10 Command number eight!  Even if we lie unwittingly, those around us and our nation get cursed and experience negative outcomes.  Sin distances US (pun intended) from the presence of God’s Holy Spirit whom motivates God’s love in our hearts, which is diminishing more and more each day in America’s public schools and government institutions.
2 Chronicles 7:14 says that God will hear, forgive and heal our land, if His people, those who are called by His name, will pray, seek His face and turn from their wicked ways. America only can be blessed if we repent and seek God with a pure heart, untainted by fallacious, un-Biblical doctrines.  Here’s a rhyme that explains where we are in America today:
Evil separates God from state.
How could be so naive.
God’s people are called to pray with wisdom.
But, alas, the church is deceived.
As God’s people, we can’t fulfill 2 Chronicles 7:14 if we don’t know what really is going on and what has happened to us.  We can’t repent and pray effectively about what we don’t know.  In Hosea 4:6, God says, “My people perish (are destroyed) because of a lack of knowledge.”
If we pray about the wrong things and don’t fail to repent, we either get ignored by God, and don’t get an answer, or we get the wrong answer.  Only praying with knowledge and about the right things will move us to God and the answers and solutions we seek.
On this National Day of Prayer, let’s pray these prayers:
  • Please God work in us and stir us up to righteousness, and empower us to repent and get our churches and nation out from under the lie of “separation of church and state,”  for we know, God that You are LORD of everything, even government!
  • God, please cause the American government and educational systems to repent and stop sponsoring atheism and that they stops promoting the worship of sex in our public schools.
  • God, please cause the American government and educational systems to repent and stop bashing Christianity and denying America’s Christian heritage and traditions, while promoting Islam and other non-Biblical (false) religions in our schools, through “Moslem Sensitivity Training” and other curriculum.
  • God as in Psalm 55:9, we pray that You rescues America by confusing and confounding the wicked who are bringing violence and strife to our cities.  We pray God that you would work on our behalf and “Confuse them, Lord, and frustrate their plans” to do evil unto us.
I am praying today that God will confound the plans of the wicked “Powers That Shouldn’t Be” (PTSB), who have taken over at all levels of government throughout our beloved USA and who  are flooding US (pun intended) with UnBiblical and anti-Constitutional policies – like murdering babies — as if God did not say, “Thou shall not murder” and trying to force children into same-sex bathrooms, as if God did not say in Genesis that He made us “male and female”.
“PTSB” is a play on the term PTSD – the after war mental trauma veterans suffer.  The “Powers That Shouldn’t Be” (PTSB) are giving all of us trauma from the way they abuse government power with their anti-Biblical un-Constitutional behaviors.
Let’s start a movement by calling these deceitful, manipulating unscrupulous RIHNOS and DemoRats  what they are –  the”Powers That Shouldn’t Be” (PTSB).  😉
For Christ and Country,


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