Biblical Basis of the Bill of Rights – recorded May 2016.
Securing the rights given us by our Creator is the proper role of government – recorded September 2017.
America’s founding fathers understood that our rights come from God. Government today cannot violate the Bill of Rights without violating the 10 commandments.  They realized God was saying through:

Commands # 1-4 – “you have a right to worship God the way the Bible says to worship Him.”
Command # 5 – “you have a right to an honorable family.”
Command # 6 – “you have a right to defend your life and not be murdered. ”
Command # 7 – “you have a right to have sex only with your marriage partner,” and “you have a right not to be sexually assaulted.”
Command # 8 – “you have a right not to be stolen from – nor have your property improperly seized.”
Command # 9 – “you have a right not to be lied to, slandered or falsely accused.”
Command #10 – “you have a right not to have your belongings or property coveted.“

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