America’s founding fathers understood that our rights come from God. Government today cannot violate the Bill of Rights without violating the 10 commandments.  They realized God was saying through:

Commands # 1-4 – “you have a right to worship God the way the Bible says to worship Him.”
Command # 5 – “you have a right to an honorable family.”
Command # 6 – “you have a right to defend your life and not be murdered. ”
Command # 7 – “you have a right to have sex only with your marriage partner,” and “you have a right not to be sexually assaulted.”
Command # 8 – “you have a right not to be stolen from – nor have your property improperly seized.”
Command # 9 – “you have a right not to be lied to, slandered or falsely accused.”
Command #10 – “you have a right not to have your belongings or property coveted.“

Quick overview of the Biblical Basis of The Bill of Rights


Full service version of the Biblical Basis of The Bill of Rights

Click Here to download a PDF notes sheet, where you can follow along and fill in the blanks.


Pastor Earl Wallace’s 11 minute interview by Alex Newman of The New American Magazine

In this interview with The New American’s Alex Newman, Liberty Christian Fellowship Pastor Earl Wallace explains that the Founding Fathers’ understanding of God -given rights, including those listed in the Bill of Rights, was a thoroughly biblical view based on what God revealed in the Bible. The pastor also explained that there are ultimately only two value systems: the Ten Commandments, and everything else. Everyone should work to ensure that governments adhere to those commands–no murder, no theft, no lying, and so on. Pastor Wallace explains that the “separation of church and state” lie is behind much of what’s wrong today. He also exposes the Black Lives Matter movement.


Pastor Earl Wallace on The Bible & Inalienable Rights at The Convention of Conservative Clubs, Westlake, Ohio, October 16, 2021


SCOTUS Uses The Camp Constitution Flag Case To Further The False Premise Of “Separation of Church and State,” and implement other nefarious and unconstitutional processes to undermine our beloved USA!

This link below is to my sermon on Jan 23, 2022, explaining how America was founded upon the application of the Bible to civics, and not on “separation of church and state.” I also explain how SCOTUS undermines the Biblical Basis of America’s freedoms by making rulings that cite concepts not actually found in the US Constitution. I detail from reports of the January 18, 2022 SCOTUS hearing, how the Camp Constitution Free Speech Flag Case is in danger of being misused to further undermine the benefits God bequeathed to America through the historical body of Christ, known as America’s Founding Fathers.

As a follow up, Host Isaac Gibbs interviews Alan Marschner & Pastor Earl Wallace, who discuss how SCOTUS will decide The Camp Constitution Free Speech Christian Flag case, utilizing non-Biblical and non-Constitutional premises.


NYS Capital Opening Prayer – Jan 5, 2022


A 10 Commandments Value System Must Be The Litmus Test for Conservatism

Our challenge is we have too many people calling themselves conservatives, and we believe them without putting them to the litmus test as to whether or not they have a 10 Commandments value system. There are 10 Commandments, and there are 10 Bill of Rights. The Bill of Rights are designed to compel people in government to treat we-the-people according to the Ten Commandments, and one must have a Ten Commandments value system to administer the Bill of Rights.

Here’s how we rebuild the only foundation upon which God will restore America.

Christians Are Responsible To Memorialize & Revive this Christian Nation – 29 May 2022 Sermon

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