The person in this under two minute video was a Harvard Business School faculty member. He provides the revelation of a Chinese colleague that American “democracy” works because people’s religion compels them to voluntarily obey the rules.

As “Biblical Basis of Bill of Rights” (3BR) advocates and evangelists, we know it’s the “religious rules” of the Ten Commandments that compel the good politics that used to characterize our Constitutional Republic that democratically elects our representatives.

Why not share this message and video link — along with your own, added endorsement, to help others understand how to apply the Bible to civics.

Here’s the link to the video;

Pastors Earl Wallace and Mark Brumbaugh
Liberty Christian Fellowship Church

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  1. Hi Pastor Earl and brothers & sisters! I viewed the short video and agree whole heartedly! This country was built on freedoms that come only from God. Back then many feared God in a healthy way. We find in modern day, only the true Born Again believers have a healthy fear of God. This because thru Bible reading we have found that there is in fact only two places our soul will spend eternity. The very elements of who we are, body, soul, & spirit are not taught as a general practice. (This is not religion and should be taught in home settings, schools, churches, & is it?) Satan has robbed many people of this truth, therefore robbed them of their choice of eternity. We are a compound of elements on a visual level, but also made up of spiritual elements on an unseen level. This concept has been lost.

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