Lev 19:29 says “Do not profane your daughter by making her a prostitute, lest the land fall into prostitution and the land become full of depravity.

Here are some of the reasons why I think people prostitute their children:

  • The adults are evil, and do not care what happens to the young nor how they are treated
  • The adults are consumed by lust and overcome with lust patterns, and just want to satisfy urges they’ve allowed to get out of control by giving in to them
  • The adults ascribe to and follow demonic philosophies that advocate and justify sexual behaviors and practices that are in opposition to what God commands and instructs us in the Bible
  • The adults are compelled by atheist communist and socialist governments that forbid them to use their God-given talents to work providing goods and services that others are willing to pay them a profitable price for.  So without the ability to feed themselves and their families, they prostitute their children.

More than one person who has visited communist countries like Cuba have told me that because there are no jobs, the adults prostitute their children.  Rarely do any of those people link the government forbidding people to run businesses to the negative outcome of prostituting children.

I believe this is because prostitution, and especially childhood prostitution, is a despicable sin.  Sin is associated with religion, and we’ve been trained by the lie of “separation of church and state” to disassociate religion from political discussions.

Because of the lie of “separation of church and state” people, including us Christians, fail to apply Biblical principles to analyze government behavior that encourages people to sin.

Socialist and Communist governments never treat their citizens according to God’s word, and they forbid people to work and provide for themselves economically, which is what robs parents of the ability to feed themselves and their children.  Since sin rolls downhill, the youngest and most vulnerable members of societies always end up paying terrible prices from it.

So I ask again, “Are any of the politicians you support actually saying things that sounds spiritual, like, “I’m going to take care of the poor,” yet they advocate doing so by implementing policies that pit us against one another by inciting us to hate people who may be rich because God has blessed them, or by inciting us to be suspicious of people who want to work freely by using their God-given talents to engage in the Capitalist activities of “trading and making” for which Jésus commends the 2 servants in the Matt. 25:14-23 – Parable of the Talents.

Boys and girls being told they must use the same bathrooms, and childhood prostitution are just 2 of the terrible human sufferings from sin that result when the Bible is not applied to civic and social life

Hosea 4:6 tells us there are going to be generational problems if we allow ourselves to be deceived into rejecting God’s knowledge. It says, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge; because you have rejected knowledge… I also will forget your children.”

Our nation perishes when we fall prey to what people in government say.  By applying God’s wisdom to see what they actually do is how we get lifted up in liberty.