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Here is a link to a video of our presentations at the Ballston Spa School Board meeting on Wed. June 7, where we were protesting the lesson plan: “Dying To Be A Martyr” which teaches sympathy for Islamic terrorists suicide bombers and bomb makers. 

The board said, “We will not respond to any comments tonight, but will consider everything said, and will address each specific request in writing from either the Board, The Superintendent or both.”  So I requested and proposed that they allow me to come into the schools to instruct each class K-12 on “The Biblical Basis of The Bill of Rights” to provide children with the real history of our nation, and what God has done for it, which is being suppressed throughout American society.  I think the Board knows it is over a barrel, and has made statements to the media that it is not going to respond to each comment, and due to the torrent of responses will make a general public statement. I am drafting a letter to it, and will appreciate suggestions.  
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My book, “The Divine Decalogue for Dynamic Decency, which contains “The Biblical Basis of The Bill of Rights” is in the hands of whom I hope are the final two proof readers, and we can publish it late July.  At Camp Spofford, in Spofford, NH, July 22 – 29 I am teaching the evening sessions on the book  http://libertycf.org/category/event/ and hope to begin selling the book at that event.  We are trying to keep the first two sections to under 200 pages.  Curriculum can be developed from it and the source materials, which I’ve been teaching at Camp Constitution for the past 8-9 summers. 
Whatever they write to me, and try to deny my request I will use as an inroad to file an appeal.  I expect an early denial, and to provide it they are going to have to use some pretty clever grounds, since they are teaching Islam and Yoga/Buddhism.  We gleamed a lot of info sitting in on that board meeting. It appears the school board is misleading the public when they say, the “Dying To Be A Martyr” lesson has never been taught, but the Upstate Conservative Coalition and the Conservative Chicks (mothers in Saratoga Springs and Ballston Spa) are parents who have copies of it, some from the teacher’s webpage and some from materials their children have brought home.  
I hope God moves and I can get lawyers or raise the money to file a suit to compel Ballston Spa to let me in – perhaps with a team of trained church people-consultants. 
Once the inroad is made into Ballston Spa, as God gives grace and opens doors, I intend to use the same process for all the other schools first in Saratoga County, Then Schenectady, Troy and the rest of the state.  
At prayer during dinner, I advised the 8 people who came from LCF that because the schools are so bad, they have compelled us to knock on the doors to preach the Gospel first to the Board and then to the students and possibly the teachers who must accompany them.  We are going through the Book of James on Sunday mornings.  
Here is an excerpt from James 4: 7: 
Steadfast Servants of God Submit, Stand & Share Publicly

 James 4: 7 7  submit  (a military term meaning to get into your proper rank, and place within the Body) yourselves therefore to God.  Resist  the devil, and he will flee from you.

Resisting Satan means …
1 to establish one’s position publicly by conspicuously “holding one’s ground,” refusing to be moved or “pushed back”
2 to unswervingly stand and  declare with personal conviction 
3 to keep one’s possession (singular as in salvation and its benefits) by ardently withstanding, without giving up or letting go!
Faith only comes by hearing, Rom 10:17, and I believe God is motivating us to knock on the door for the Gospel to be heard in public schools, so the next generation has an opportunity to get saved and resist the Satanic influences that have filled the void the American church created when it bought into the 1954 policy lie of “Separation of Church and State,” and began retreating from the public square.   
Many people are claiming “Revival is Coming.”  I hope they are right.  The revival I believe God is spearheading through LCF is one that proclaims the Gospel to include applying what the Bible says to every aspect of life, including our civics.  I appreciate your prayers for God to open the doors for His Gospel to be taught in public schools.   
Since “The earth is the Lords, and everything in it” (1 Cor. 10: 26 and Ps 24:1). I expect, therefore, God will open the doors for this emphasis of the Gospel to be heard to both save the next generation and give it a fighting chance for true liberation we have enjoyed in our beloved USA.   
For Christ and Country, 


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