Patriots like us, believe God founded America as a Christian nation. I write today to lay out a plan for how God can use us to restore America to understanding that foundation, which I call “The Biblical Basis of Bill of Rights” (3BR). What America needs are 3BR Advocates — people who can explain that our inalienable rights are enumerated by God’s Ten Commandments.

What is a 3BR Advocate?

As a 3BR advocate, you can listen to our 5 minute podcasts, such as by using the links that follow. Hit the “follow” or “subscribe” buttons to help our messages climb up the search engine optimization rankings Then send the link of the message to others, so they also can learn how the Bible applies to every aspect of our lives, including our responsibilities as citizens in a Christian nation.

Here are some samples from The Liberty Beacon Revealing Truth Podcast — 5 Minute Messages That Matter:

Pastor Earl Wallace
Liberty Christian Fellowship Church
Phone 518-545-7744

LCF fulfills Christ’s Great Commission by making disciples who can apply His Bible to every aspect of life & civics!

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We really appreciate your help.

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