Choosing Life (Click to listen or download)

“Choosing Life” is about a girl who gets pregnant, and everyone around her is trying to convince her to terminate the pregnancy. But she chooses life. The story is told around the metaphor of a deer hunt. The song is very affirming of the female protagonist. The words are below. May God bless and encourage you as you listen. Please feel free to share the link and direct others to the page. Let’s spread the word of this life affirming music with a message!

Tender Shoot of Jesse (Click to listen or download)

Lyrics: Listen close to this tale, my friend Of a life that will never end Freely given for you and me Takes an open heart to see He was born in the town of Bethlehem Few men knew Christ even then Still a legend He came Soon we’ll see His final reign   Chorus: A […]

More Than Fair (Click to listen or download)

Lyrics: Zipporah’s dark arms sheltered Moses on the run Could the warrior and the priest’s daughter make it as one? Opposites match like a zebra and its stripes An angry man takes off his shoes Love grows by the fire Bridge: They say all is fair in love and war Why would anybody mix the […]

The Finished Work (Click to listen or download)

Lyrics: No sooner then my feet hit the floor Than Satan starts telling me more Lies than you can pack into a shtanky old boot But I respond with the Word Remind him of my second birth I begin to walk in the finished work. Chorus: The finished work, Jesus paid the price so I […]

Jacob’s Ladder (Click to listen or download)

Lyrics: Sometimes we say we want to serve the Lord But in our hearts we’re just out for ourselves When others get tired of our faking and taking, we want to run for cover But if we’d rest, we could find ourselves beneath the ladder, Jacob’s Ladder Sometimes the way we go about things gets […]