Become a 3BR Advocate: Rediscover America’s Biblical Roots (I’ll explain..)

Patriots like us, believe God founded America as a Christian nation. I write today to lay out a plan for how God can use us to restore America to understanding that foundation, which I call “The Biblical Basis of Bill of Rights” (3BR). What America needs are 3BR Advocates — people who can explain that […]

Living Out Biblical Principles in Civics

Our civic responsibilities are an integral part of our lives as citizens, and the Bible offers invaluable guidance on how to fulfill them. In this email, we’ll examine the biblical principles that underpin our civic duties and explore how we can apply them to our daily lives. Our faith calls us to be good stewards […]

A Chinese Man Sees How Religion Safeguards Democracy In America

The person in this under two minute video was a Harvard Business School faculty member. He provides the revelation of a Chinese colleague that American “democracy” works because people’s religion compels them to voluntarily obey the rules. As “Biblical Basis of Bill of Rights” (3BR) advocates and evangelists, we know it’s the “religious rules” of […]

The Erosion of Civic Liberties

THE TREND THAT MUST BE REVERSED! In recent times, we’ve witnessed a concerning trend—the gradual erosion of our Civic liberties. The very freedoms that form the foundation of our society are facing challenges. In this email, we’ll explore this critical issue and its implications for our lives. Civic liberties, such as the right to free […]


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Wear Your Biblical Heritage

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