Christians were the most persecuted group in both 2015 and 2016, says Chris Mitchell, author of “Isis, Iran and Israel: What You Need To Know About The Current MidEast Crisis and the Coming MidEast War.”  Chris Mitchell is the Middle East Bureau Chief, based in Jerusalem for Christian Broadcast Network News  and was featured on a Fox News;
     Regarding the above article.  It’s a shame that the suppression of Christianity limits the message of The Gospel of Christ, which condemns millions of people to a Christ-less eternity. Satan has manipulated and deceived the world-wide Christian church into silence through the deception of “separation of church and state” – a phrase that neither appears in the US Constitution, nor which can be justified by a plain reading of Scripture, for if God wanted to separate Himself from the affairs of men/nations/state, He never would’ve drowned Pharaoh’s army in the Red Sea when his state disobeyed God.
     The church world wide is falling under God’s judgement for interpreting His word and organizing and incorporating ourselves under and preaching through the paradigm of the lie/false notion of “separation of church and state!”  This is a tragedy that is leaving the word vulnerable to which people everywhere literally will have Hell to pay!
      But God is raising up remnants like LCF, and perhaps there will be enough of us to spare God’s hand of judgement, as He did for 150 years spared judgement against Nineveh. So our battle cry of evangelism includes making disciples who apply God’s Word to all aspects of life including civics, politics and religion — transforming all of culture! If this happens then indeed it may come to pass that “Judgement will not fall on the world during our shift at the helm of Christianity!”

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