Episodic Bible Teaching

Episodic Bible Teaching
that deals with the entire passages. This style is exegetical, yet keeps the big picture in view to explain why God includes each passage in scripture. Its focus is practical vs. esoteric studies that only interest “scholars.” It avoids cherry-picking scriptures to teach only politically correct “topical” messages. We get a better understanding of God’s perspective.

Bible truth was undermined as the cornerstone of American culture when the lie of “separation of church and state,” a phrase which does not appear in the US Constitution, nor in the Bible, was injected into the 1947 Supreme Court case of Everson vs. Board of Education by Justice Hugo Black, whose opinion misconstrued how the Founding Fathers provided the first amendment to ensure government would be guided by 1) religion (Biblical Christianity) which in turn would guide 2) speech, 3) the press, the reasons why we 4) assemble and 5) redress grievances to the government. In 1954 the IRS capped this lie with the 501(c) (3) policy that hoodwinked churches into abandoning their longstanding role by telling them they can continue tax exemption if they withdraw from those first amendment activities. Since then the Court and government promote as “political rights” what the Bible calls “sin,” and the church has failed to prevail against the Gates of Hell that stopped prayer in schools, is aborting babies, exalting homosexuality, and redefining marriage.

The Bible, however, shows just the opposite of “separation of church and state,” as God deals with mankind as follows:

  • God promises blessings to nations and societies that believe and act on His word. Psalm 33:12 says Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD. . .
  • God warned kings to disregard their cultural traditions and practices and give Sarah back to Abraham. Gen 12:15-20; Gen 20:2-8.
  • God sent Moses to Pharaoh, telling him to obey God or suffer plagues. Exodus 7-12.
  • God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, demonstrating the catastrophic cultural consequence of injecting homosexuality into the mainstream of society (Gen. 13:13, Gen. 19). This destruction provided a safeguard warning that served the world for thousands of years, protecting us against allowing homosexuality to take root in society. Yet we see the UN, American and European governments and educational institutions promoting an agenda that God has demonstrated destroys a people. Do we think that if we do what the people in the Old Testament did, both positive and negative, that God will fail to give us what they got?
  • The role of the church is to teach God’s word in its entirety, explaining:
    1. the meaning and historical context of each word/passage;
    2. how the historical Body of Christ traditionally has interpreted them, and
    3. how they apply to us today.

You get accurate Bible teaching focused on practical application to help us understand who God is, what He wants us to know, and how He intends us to live.