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If God says in 2 Chron 7: 14 that if we do four things, he’ll do 3 including heal our land, then we must assume that America is continuing to slide further away from God into the sickness of sin, because we, God’s people, are failing to humble ourselves, and turn from our wicked ways.

At today’s National Day of Prayer events, will we hear anything about us repenting over believing and organizing our ministries around a Lie called “Separation of Church and State.” The phrase “Separation of Church and State” neither appears in the Bible, nor in the US Constitution, yet we God’s people – the ones who are called by His name, quote it as if it is scripture!  On his National Day of Prayer I challenge us to do 3 things:

1) Research the US Constitution – to see whether or not the phrase “Separation of Church and State” is there.

2) Search Scripture to see how God assigned His prophets and arranged divine appointments with the Disciples of Christ to speak directly to kings and rulers of state, about what God and His Word requires of them.  Also consider that if God expected states and governments to act separately and independently of Him, He never would have disbanded one-world government at The Tower of Babel in Gen 10, and He never would have drowned Pharaoh’s Army in the sea, when the state disobeyed Him.

3) Be willing to acknowledge and repent of the fact that as a Church we actually have been reading scripture, teaching our seminaries and preaching to our congregations through the paradigm of the lie of “Separation of Church and State.”

That lie even prevents us from seeing what the First Amendment of the US Constitution actually is about:

The 1st Amendment of the US Constitution conjoins 5 rights that start with “The Freedom of Religion.”  This is because Biblical Christianity:

Repenting of the lie of “Separation of Church and State” and seeing the 1st Amendment as God’s provision for Biblical truths to guide our nation is how we get lifted up in The Lord’s liberty.

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