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The Greatest Command, stated in Mark 12:30-31, is to love God most and then love man.  The Great Commission, stated in Matt 28: 18-20, is to make disciples for Christ.  It is easy to see how loving God means we love people by encouraging them to become disciples of Christ, so they can spend eternity with God in Heaven as opposed to missing that and spending eternity in Hell.

Have you noticed, however, how often church unity movements subtly call us to abandon Bible doctrine so we can come together with others under false religious pretexts in the name of “unity.”  We need to be cautious, because Jesus said in Mathew 7:15-20 by their fruit (outcomes) we will know them.

We must keep in mind that “just because someone calls themselves “Christian” does not mean they are Bible-practicing Disciples of Christ.”  If sinners are not truly converted in Christ, they may have no conviction about lying to further their cause.  “Church Unity” movements often encourage us to abandon the truth of God’s Word, in favor of coming together under the banner of “social justice.”  Without the standards of The Bible to guide us, however, these movements eventually advocate that government and its agents should break the 10 Commandments against “we the people” in order to bring about its visions of “social justice utopia.”  This is very different than America’s Founding Fathers applying Biblical Truth to civic life and government.

The challenge with believing “All religion is about social justice,” is that it fails to acknowledge that Christ came to die for the sins of the world. In the absence of God’s Word as the standard, history too often has proven social justice gets defined by evil people who will violate the 10 Commandments against those who don’t want to go along with their version of it.  [bctt tweet=”The challenge with believing “All religion is about social justice,” is that it fails to acknowledge that Christ came to die for the sins of the world.” username=”LibertyCF3″]

What some call “The Protestant Reformation” was actually a “Let’s get back to the basics of the Bible” movement, which came about when people started getting copies of the Bible and wanting to apply it to all of life, including our personal lives, civic life and religion. For Wycliffe, Huss, Calvin and others this is “Basic Biblical Christianity.”

The book of Hebrews reinforces in verses 10:29, and 6: 1- 6, God is not impressed by us exercising “Our will for Him,” by thinking that we can participate in religious processes that make us right in His sight, in the absence of trusting in Christ’s blood alone to save us.  God’s perspective is such ideas are evidence that one has not truly believed, repented and entered into His salvation.  Perhaps God speaks so harshly about this because such people appear to be Christian, and thus deceive countless other people for whom God loves and sent His only Son to die.

We who claim to love God and are called by His Name, must stand on God’s Word to keep free from getting enslaved by those who’d deceive us in the name of “unifying under various social justice schemes.”  When we stand on God’s truth, we may be persecuted, but it is the only hope for the world to get lifted up in liberty.  [email-download-link namefield=”YES” id=”212″]


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