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I wonder how many “Christians” are being “paganized” and falling for earth-idol worshipping initiatives like this that are part of the New World Order’s plan to control religion and use it against US (pun intended).

The EPA has used it’s faux science of climate change to attract devotees who’ve supported its closing of approximately 300,000 factories in the USA, since 1972.  That’s an average of 6,000 factories in each of our 50 states!
Each factory not only had dozens, to hundreds and even thousands of Americans working in them to operate the machines that produced their basic pallet of products, but also had an electrical team, a plumbing crew, and/or a maintenance crew — all of which were decent paying jobs men who liked to work with their hands were doing.  Those factories also had administrative offices, and many had an engineer or a team of engineers, draftsman etc… Each factory accessed local printing companies and celebrated birthdays and anniversaries and other milestones of he people working therein by going to local card shops and bakeries, and they also all went out for lunch each day.   [bctt tweet=”The EPA has used it’s faux science of climate change ” username=”LibertyCF3″]
Now all the men who used to work with their hands are faced with partite work pouring coffee or flipping burgers or making sandwiches or sitting as a tele-clerk behind a desk in the new “service” economy.

Here’s an LCF 5 minute radio message on “The Concept of Man-Made Climate Change Is An Attempt To Contradict How God Gave Man Dominion Over Creation”:

Here’s the GreenFaith Link: 
Since 2004 GreenFaith has grown rapidly, developing many new resources and expanding nationally with two leadership Programs–the GreenFaith Fellowship Program, and the GreenFaith Certification Program.  The Fellowship Program, a religious-environmental training and leadership program for clergy and lay leaders, is fitting an educational niche not often found in seminaries, universities or other centers of learning.  The Certification Program, a religious-environmental leadership program for houses of worship, is the first program of its kind in the world.  It provides diverse congregations with a roadmap for religious-environmental engagement, and the support and resources to succeed.

Join thousands of others throughout the world in taking the GreenFaith Pledge, “I pledge to make my life a blessing for the Earth.”
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