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In Mark 12:30-31 Jesus says the Greatest Commandment is to Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.’ and … You shall love your neighbor as yourself.

Proverbs 23:7 says in the NAS, “For as he thinks within himself, so he is.”

Do we identity ourselves as people who love God the most – or has the world’s insidious way of reporting stories to glorify that which is less than God’s ideal, and even sin, subtly infiltrated and changed our view of how we see ourselves in God’s sight?

How we identity ourselves drives our behavior. How we see ourselves determines the value system we let into our hearts. Our value system is the frame of reference through which we view life. That frame of reference is how we view ourselves. We actually read the Bible through it – as it even shapes how we see God.

When we hear the words: “a single mother” what comes to our mind: a hero, a tragic figure, someone who made a mistake, someone making the best of a less than ideal situation; someone who’s living in a situation that is less than God’s ideal for motherhood?

People have come to single motherhood in a variety of ways.  Some of those ways indeed are tragic – as in the event a woman is made a single mother because of the abandonment of her husband, or because her husband died which indeed is a tragedy through no fault of her own.

But what is God’s ideal for the family?  God’s ideal for sex – is that it takes place between a male and a female who are in a marriage relationship.  The media works very hard never to extol the virtues of those families fulfilling their marriage commitments who are living within God’s ideal.

Instead the media glorifies the few successful women who successfully have raised or are raising children as “single mothers”.  Extolling the virtues of this less than ideal situation, however, ignores that most people in that situation are living unsuccessful lives.  Upwards of 85% or more of all people who end up in prisons are those who were raised by “single mothers.”

While I am not trying to judge people and condemn them to Hell for their poor lifestyle choices, the word of God does judge them and calls them to repentance.

Are single mothers doing tremendous work? The answer is yes, if they are raising their children to love God and honor Biblical principles.  The world’s media, nonetheless works hard to glorify that which is less than God’s ideal.  It would be better for us overall if every nightly news report contained a great story about a family overcoming hardships to stay as an intact family to live as God intends.

Glorifying that which is less than God’s ideal by finding isolated success stories that are few and far between is what encourages us to live in the bondage that results from living outside of God’s plan.  Seeing the downsides of living outside of God’s will, and acknowledging them for the tragedies they are, helps us repent and turn to God. By acting upon 1 John 1:9 to confess our sins we find that God indeed is faithful and just and forgives them.

In forgiveness we obtain God’s empowerment to live as people whose lifestyles show that we love God most. That is the direction that lifts us up in Liberty.

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