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Is it a) government, b) the people going to get an abortion or c) the people working in the abortion clinics and industry?

While we definitely want to pray for all 3 of the entities listed above, we know it is government who makes the laws that promote sin, and calls the evil God will judge a right to which all are entitled.

Who is responsible for stopping prayer at sporting events?  Is it a) government, b) the people who claim to be atheist and offended by it, or c) the school or sports industry employees and superintendents, who oversee the events?

While all 3 entities listed above are responsible, we should realize that it is people in government who actually make the laws that try to stop prayer or acknowledging the God of The Bible at sports events.  (I say try to stop prayer, because people probably still pray silently)  promote sin, and calls the evil God will judge a right to which all are entitled access.

Who is injured when the government steps in and stops prayer?

Is it a) the government officials, who have taken the side of Satan, since the Bible says, “Pray without ceasing – and there are many examples of prayers being offered in public in the Bible. Is it b) the spectators who no longer see or hear prayer, Or is it c) the public  at large, who get a sense that “separation of church and state” means that the concept of God is not relevant in our society – so who needs Him anyway?.

What is our responsibility as Christians, whose Bible shows people praying in public, and who also have a 1st Amendment of the Constitution that says religion should be practiced freely and unrestricted by government, and that same 1st Amendment provides free speech rights.

We don’t un-become US citizens, nor give up our 1st Amendment free speech rights, just because we receive Christ and/or become pastors.  The Apostle Paul exercised his full rights as a Roman citizen when he was criticized for preaching the Gospel, and he never stopped preaching it.

If we ask the question, what if the government tells us to stop preaching the Gospel, almost all of us will say, “Well we must obey God rather than man – just as the Apostles and the Christians said did in Acts.

Well haven’t we done the exact opposite, when because of a man-made philosophy called “separation of church and state,” – a phrase that neither appears in the Bible, nor in the US Constitution, we shy away from certain scriptures, and instead of teaching whole Bible books and passages that contain topics the Bible calls sin, but which the government now specifically advocates for under the guise of individual rights, we teach politically correct topical sermons that never address the sin the government promotes as a right?

May God set us free to preach the complete liberating effect of His word, so the people and the nation get lifted up in liberty.

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