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Sometimes we say we want to serve the Lord

But in our hearts we’re just out for ourselves

When others get tired of our faking and taking, we want to run for cover

But if we’d rest, we could find ourselves beneath the ladder, Jacob’s Ladder

Sometimes the way we go about things gets in the way of what God wants

Doing God’s work God’s way is the way to serve the Lord

Exhaust yourself for Laban tile your schemes are shattered

You can learn by discipline to lay your head beneath the Ladder, Jacob’s Ladder


Well God can bloom every seed He’s planted

Make an honest man out of any supplanter

Wrestle with God and He’ll improve your walk

You can become the kind of one who’s known as the Israel of God

Christ remains our channel, Christ remains our ladder

The lines of communication with Heaven are never shattered

Angels ascending and descending for the Father

No matter where you are you can find yourself beneath the ladder; The ladder of God

In our youths we try to push the truth behind u

Running from these feelings is what really blinds us

When your past looms like a great ashen hammer

Lay down your burdens and find yourself beneath the ladder, Jacob’s ladder

You’ll never feel so good

You’ll never feel so free

Until you get right with God

C’mon get on your knees

You’ll never feel so good

You’ll never feel so free

Until you get right with God

C’mon look up and see the ladder, Jacob’s ladder



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