July 22-29, 2017 

Camp Spofford Welcomes Earl Wallace, 
International Leadership Consultant and Pastor 
Liberty Christian Fellowship Church, PO Box 235 Latham, NY 12110
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Week 4 of Camp Spofford’s Family Camp (July 22-28, 2017) will feature the Biblical insight God brings through Earl Wallace, who has a dual career as a pastor and an international leadership and management consultant, who has provided training in North America, Asia, Europe and the Middle East. Earl is a well-studied, original thinker, whose book, The Three-Dimensional Leader: Negotiating Your Mission, Resources and Context (3-D MRC), is based on the leadership styles revealed in the book of Judges, and has been endorsed by world renown leadership experts.
Earl, says, “I do not have two careers.  I am a disciple of Christ, who applies God’s word to every aspect of life. That Holy Spirit anointed application gives us the ability to be “IN but not “OF” this world, so God can use us common people to make unusual accomplishments, like those listed here:   http://www.threedimensionalleader.com/about.html. 3-D MRC has applications in both the secular and the church worlds, as one also can see by this website: http://3dchurches.com The leadership principles I teach provide more than a loosely associated string of inspiring sound bytes, but are a cohesive system that trains talented people to transform their ministries and workplaces by focussing on the mission, resource and context relationship.  3-D MRC works in all types of cultures because human nature is the same, no matter in what country we are born, or in what type or size organization we work.”  
Earl says, “The organization in need of the most assistance today, however, is our beloved United States of America, which has been under siege for 100 years by anti-Christian forces who now have infiltrated our education, government, media and religion and is using those venues to promote an anti-Biblical agenda that is promoting sin as freedom, which is enslaving the world in unrighteousness that is presented as positive sounding talking points that deceive us by saying it advocates for our rights.  
Earl also is the pastor of Liberty Christian Fellowship Church (LCF), which developed from evangelism he provides from God showing him that America is making the same mistakes Israel made in Judges 2:10  “And there arose another generation after them who did not know the LORD or the work that he had done for Israel.”  Earl noticed, many Americans are ignorant of our true Christian history and founding! 
Earl explains “America’s Founding Fathers understood the freedoms God created us to enjoy are reflected through His Ten Commandments, and are expressed as “Inalienable Rights” in the Declaration of Independence.  America’s Founders realized that when God says in Commandments 6-10, do not murder, sexually molest, steal, lie, nor covet, God is saying we all have a right to not have these things be done to us.   We also each have a right to publicly worship God as commanded in 10 Commandments 1- 4, and we have a right to the family integrity expressed in Commandment 5.  
It is this application of Christianity (God’s will) to civic life that made America a peaceful, stable, highly productive and prosperous society.”  

 Earl not only began researching how America was founded as a Christian nation, but also what led US (pun intended) astray from Biblical, Judeo-Christian roots. He is working on a book and will be teaching its four parts in the evening sessions of The Camp Spofford Family Camp from July 22 – 28, 2017.  

Part 1) Is “The Divine Decalogue for Dynamic Decency,” which also is the book’s title, and is about the positive outcomes that individuals and societies obtain when they live by the 10 Commandments and their governments safe guard the rights God gives us through them.  
Part 2) Is “The Biblical Basis of The Bill of Rights,” and is about how the 10 Commandments are the value system through which America’s Founding Fathers constructed the Bill of Rights, which are the 10 Commandments for government. 
Part 3) Is “The Politics That Pollute Paradise,” and is about the long line of brilliant and cunning degenerates who have conspired in the spirit of Nimrod, Ahab and Jezebel and Herod and Pilate to use government power to steal America’s righteousness and prosperity and collapse it into the totalitarian destruction God curses in the book of Revelation. 
Part 4) Is called “Prophets, Patriots and Providence” and ask the question: “Is God done with the United States of America?”  It lays our the if-then proposition God offers us in 2 Chron. 7:14, whereby God says if we do 4 things, He’ll do 3, which includes heal our land.  Earl believes we can operate within God’s Spirit that motivated Old Testament prophets who were patriotic enough to call their governments and citizens to Biblical righteousness, so God blesses the nation.  Earl explains how we use Biblical and US Constitutional provisions to overcome the evil, naieve and misguided people who’d use government power to violate God’s will for man’s freedom.  
Liberty Christian Fellowship meets Sundays 11am at the  YFC Adventure Center, 1544 Rte 9, in Halfmoon, NY 12065.  Write the church at PO Box 235, Latham, New York 12110. Visit LCF on the web at http://libertycf.org  www.LIbertyCF.org or call 518-867-5436.
We recommend you start with The Biblical Basis of The Bill of Rights, using this link: 
Hear archives of the LCF daily “Lifting us up in Liberty” 5 min radio podcasts at: 

View LCF’s “Lifting Us Up In Liberty” TV program on digital channel 41 in our local viewing area, broadcast from Cobleskill, NY on Sunday’s 5:30pm, Monday’s 2pm, Tuesday’s 12:30am and Saturday’s 2pm.  View the show on online at  http://wucbtv41.com/index.htm


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