God Loves Me Series

Eight lessons about how God loves us, our family, and the world.

God Loves Me

This is one of  the most important lesson you will EVER teach ANYONE… GOD LOVES YOU!  

Major Points:  

Dear God,
Thank you that you love me.
Thank you for knowing me.
Thank you for never changing.
I love you back. Amen.

I am Important to God.

People need to know that they are important to God. The whole basis of the Christian faith rests on the reality that God cherishes us and cares for us. The facts that God knows who we are as individuals and that he cares about each and every one of us are very important to convey to children. 

Prayer to thank God that we are each important to him.

Dear God,
Thank you that you care about each of us!
Thank you that we are important to you!
Thank you for loving us!
We love you back! Amen.

God Loves My Family

Families are central to the life of a child. They represent his/her world, especially when the child is very young. Children often do not understand that all families are not the same as theirs. This lesson is offered to help talk about how God created families so that we could love each other, and take care of each other. In families parents and children have different roles. Everyone in a family is important. This lesson helps children think about who is in their family and what our responsibilities are to each other. Let the children know that God loves all the members of their family and that it is good for us to love our family members too.

Prayer to thank God for making families.

Dear God,
Thank you for making families!
Thank you for our families!
Help us to love everyone in our family!

I Can Love God Back

God loves us! We teach the children that they can love God back!! The amazing thing about this is that no one can EVER take that away from them!! Everyone can love God all you want! He is big enough to take all of our love, from all of us, all of the time. And the REALLY amazing thing is that He never stops loving us. So, no matter how much love we give God, He gives us back MORE!!!

Prayer to thank God that He loves us and we can love Him back.

Dear God,
Thank you for loving us!
Thank you that we can love you back!

What is Faith? 

We talk about what faith is.  Children readily accept this spiritual concept and drink it all in without batting an eyelash. Children are amazing in their capacity to do just that. And when they finish listening to this lesson, they will understand faith as well as any grown-up. We believe this is why Jesus said that “the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these” when referring to little children. 

Prayer to thank God that He gives us faith.

Dear God,
Thank you that you love us!
Thank you for giving us faith!
Thank you that we can know you and trust you!

God Never Changes

Stability is so important for children. It is really great for them to learn that God never changes. So many things in their lives may change. People grow older, friends come and go, and schedules change. But no matter what else may change, God is good and He never changes. This is a very reassuring concept for young children to grasp. 

Prayer to thank God that He will always love us.

Dear God,
Thank you that you never change!
Thank you that you love us forever and ever!
We love you back!

What is Forgiveness:

Teaching children about the Forgiveness offered by God through His Son, Jesus Christ, is the most important and life changing thing we can ever teach anybody. We are sowing seeds that will lead to the salvation of others! 

Prayer to thank God for sending Jesus and for forgiveness of our sins.

Dear God,
Thank you for loving us.
Thank you for sending Your Son, Jesus.
Thank you for forgiveness of sin through him.

God Loves Everybody!

We talk to children a lot today about tolerance, and about treating others equally or fairly. We talk and talk and talk. But many times we don’t give them a reason for them to treat others as we ask. This lesson lays the foundation for all human relationships. The reason we are to treat others well, or as we wish to be treated ourselves, is that God loves everybody! Since God created all of us, and loves all of us, and values each of us, we should follow His example and love others as He loves them. 

Prayer to thank God for loving us and that He taught us to love others.

Dear God,
Thank you for loving us.
Thank you for helping us show love to others.
Thank you that you love everybody!
We love you back!  Amen.

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