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Servant Leadership is characterized by leaders who put the needs of a group over their own. These leaders foster trust among employees by holding themselves accountable, helping others develop, showing appreciation, sharing power and listening without judging. While serving and leading seem like conflicting activities, these leaders are effective initiators of action.

Pastor Earl Wallace

Let us introduce to you, Pastor Earl Wallace. 

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A Lifetime of Service, Applying The Scriptures To Every Aspect of Life:

Earl Wallace’s journey to founding and pastoring Liberty Christian Fellowship culminated from two life-paths he traveled simultaneously.  One was in public service as a teacher and veterans’ advocate, a statewide veterans program administrator, and as a defense contractor to assist The Iraqi Director General to establish the Iraqi Department of Veterans Affairs.  The other path was in Christian service, as a Sunday school teacher and youth group leader, worship team, song writer and original Christian music band leader, adult Sunday school and midweek Bible study teacher, Bible conference teacher and interim preacher.

Earl says, “I’ve never had a secular life and a church life. God used to me in secular jobs to apply Biblical principles to achieve usual accomplishments, while I also engaged in weekend church ministries.  For 15 summers, I also would take 2-3 weeks of vacation to minister music and teach Bible at week-long Christian camps and conference centers.  I felt called to teach The Bible, but I also felt called to do God-honoring work in the secular world.  I believe God has called most Christians to minster and witness, as they bring the mind of Christ to bear upon their work, making them highly effective at their jobs. I believe this is what is meant when 1 Corinthians 10:31 says, “whatever you do, do everything for God’s glory.”

Earl’s secular jobs and accomplishments have given him a unique perspective on America and the world.  Earl graduated Skidmore college with honors in a B.A. in English and education at the secondary level.  He also was awarded honors from the English Department as a Periclean Scholar for work in classical literature, which he found often quotes Scripture and deals with topics that easily align with Biblical themes.  Earl taught English for two years at Saratoga Sr. High School, and says, “It was natural to discuss with high school students what the Bible says about those topics.” As an untenured teacher he handled more Regents classes than others, so more students got the Biblical application of that classical literature.  God blessed this assignment, and about a dozen students received Christ, as well as four of their parents, and a backslidden teacher, who had been a Methodist minister, rededicated his life back to Christ, and again is preaching today.  Earl also had 92% and 95% of his student pass New York State Regents Exams, as compared with school and statewide passing averages of approximately 50%!

God began using Earl to achieve in both the secular and Christian church worlds when he had met Christ in 1975 while in the US Army, in Mannheim Germany.  By applying Biblical principles at work, Earl earned an Army Commendation medal for handling a special assignment to turn around an under performing fuel depot that supported American, German and Polish forces.  Earl loved working in that international environment, and meeting and interacting with people from many cultures.  During that time, Earl began playing the guitar, and six months later the elders of his church anointed him to begin leading worship at his military base church.  Following active duty, Earl returned to his home town of Saratoga Springs, NY, where he met and married his lovely wife, Pamela Susan Courtney Wallace, who is a gifted sound tech.  He also entered Skidmore College to become a high school English teacher, knowing God was calling him to work with teens.

While teaching, Earl ran a church youth group that grew from 12 to almost 40 young people, and he coordinated with other churches to organize weekend retreats for all the Christian kids who attended Saratoga High School, and they called their loose knit association “Saratoga Christian Youth”.  He remembers a Christian school nurse, stopping him one day as he was leaving school, and telling him, “You will never reach retirement, if you don’t stop being so open about your Christian faith, and having students telling others you led them to Christ.”  Earl replied.  “Thank you for the advice, but God has not called me to retire. He’s called me to lead people to His truth through salvation in Christ.”  This was an early experience where Earl saw how too many Christians were compromising Christ’s Great Commission because their long-term goal was to retire and enjoy the American dream, while Christianity was losing influence in American culture – jeopardizing that dream for future generations.

Serving Christ In Veterans’ Services

When Earl was a college freshman, a female veteran of the Korean War era and her Wednesday night prayer group advised him that God told them he would handle her claim for VA benefits, which had been taken from her back in 1954.  At that time, Earl could not wrap his brain around something that happened before he was even born, so he nodded politely, trying to show concern.  He figured, “If it’s true prophecy, God will work it out,” and he went on with his life.  During the middle of his second year teaching English, Earl began sensing God was calling him to some other type of work.  He had become a local preacher within the Nazarene Church, but did not feel called to full-time ministry with that denomination.  He began attending another church and taking remote Bible courses through it, working on a theology degree.

Earl also became a New York State veterans benefits counselor in Schenectady, NY, and the female veteran who had told him seven years earlier that he would handle her VA case called the office looking for an older man, who was training Earl.  When the woman and Earl discovered who they each were, she reminded him of the prophecy, and she and her prayer group leader came to the office the following Monday morning to reopen her case.  Earl filed the claim, and after another seven years of appeals, remands and hearings, in 1994, the veteran obtained a retroactive check that went back to 1954!

As word of this spread, Earl’s office was inundated with walk-ins and phone calls from veterans and veterans organizations from around the country.  He and his staff got overworked meeting all the needs he knew God was gifting him to resolve, and he got diagnosed with work related stress. He became wiser and began studying and developing processes and techniques to work smarter while setting boundaries to safe guard his health and that of his employees.  Earl’s doctor said he needed an enjoyable hobby that would help him refocus his attention on something other than work.  Earl’s wife encouraged him to start a Christian band to minister the music he had been writing.

In 1995, Earl Wallace and The Flood was formed, and for five years they rehearsed one night a week, and on average ministered one or two concerts a month.

In 1996, Earl unanimously was nominated by both the conservative and republican parties to run for City Council in Schenectady, NY where he and his wife had moved their family, which at that time included two of their three children.  Shortly after his campaign began, however, Earl’s NYS agency, for the first time in its history, received $350,000 from the Federal government, and receipt of that money placed Earl under the Hatch Act, and the local newspapers published that made it sound like the Federal Government had indicted Earl, and he could go to jail if anyone voted for him.  The truth of the matter was that Earl could get elected, but he no longer actively could campaign for that office.  This was Earl’s first real indication that government rules were in place that violated our first amendment free-speech rights.

Opposite the article announcing Earl’s challenges, the paper ran a glowing article about a democratic politician, whose claim to fame was his work at the State’s Lotto agency, which from Earl’s perspective is a government sponsored gambling and money laundering operation.  Something with which Godly government never should get involved.

In the meantime, Earl’s developing management skills propelled his local veterans service office to become a model for best practices and a think-tank of new ideas, innovations and efficiencies.  He had helped his agency replicate his office’s higher productivity by developing a new class of employee based upon on he had trained his secretary, and the Program Aid job title developed with nine employees statewide being trained, tested and promoted into those positions.

Earl began praying God would give him a larger territory of responsibility to see if the theories God was giving him would work in multiple offices and communities. God moved, and Earl got promoted as a New York State Division of Veterans Affairs Sr. Veterans Counselor, supervising offices in twelve counties, between Hudson in Columbia County and Masena, in St. Lawrence County, NY.  During that time, Earl was overseeing the more challenging cases for a dozen offices, and was meeting and leading to Christ people who knew state and federal politicians from all those legislative districts.  One of those converts worked to get both a powerful state and a federal politician to advocate for promoting Earl, with the understanding he would stay true to the Biblical Christian values through which God had worked to accomplish all his previous successes.  Earl’s Three-Dimensional Leadership theories had worked again, as his region outperformed the others throughout the State.  Earl also had used the teaching gifts God had given him to develop annual training conferences for the agency.

The Application of Biblical Christianity to America’s Civics

Earl continued taking vacations and moving his family to Sacandaga Bible Conference and Lakeside Christian Camp to lead worship and teach 2-3 weeks of Bible each summer.  As a regional supervisor, Earl saw many churches closing throughout upstate, NY, and their buildings were becoming the temples and mosques of eastern religions.  Earl began asking God, “What is happening to Your churches, Lord?”  God spoke and said, “I will show you in the book of Judges.”

As Earl studied Judges, he realized that Judges 2:10 had taken place in America, which is “And all that generation also were gathered to their fathers. And there arose another generation after them who did not know the LORD or the work that he had done for Israel.” Too many churches in America had fallen under the IRS 501(C)(3) spell of “separation of church and state,” and had lost their saltiness within the US culture.  Since that IRS “separation of church and state,” policy began in 1954 (not by any law passed by Congress), church leaders stopped showing their congregations how the Bible applies to American civics.

Government began attacking Biblical principles, like prayer in schools, and began  promoting sins like abortion as human rights, and under the spell of “separation of church and state,” the churches fell silent. Many even preached we should not get involved in politics – as if God did not inspire America’s Christian Founding Fathers to construct a nation based on the application of Biblical Christianity to civics. Many church leaders openly support political parties whose platforms advocate for non-Biblical principles and promote all manner of sex sin as human rights as if God will not hold them and the politicians accountable when they get to Judgement Day.   They act as if politics is outside of God’s domain and scope of influence.

To address these issues, Pastor Earl Wallace developed “The Biblical Basis of The Bill of Rights,” which you can learn about using this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ANfp6d1ce4&t=1701s .  As people began coming to Christ and others rededicated their lives back to Him following a presentations in firehouses, community centers, libraries, and at 9-12, John Birch Society and Tea Party groups, Earl began Bible studies, and three years later stacked them into Liberty Christian Fellowship Church, which Earl currently pastors.

Serving Christ Through Bible Teaching That Trains Leaders To Restore A Nation 

On behalf of Pastor Earl and the Liberty Christian Fellowship Church team we invite you to attend our services, watch messages online and listen to LCF Church’s radio show and podcasts and its weekly television broadcast.

Pastor Earl also is the author of The Three-Dimensional Leader: Negotiating Your Mission, Resources and Context, which he teaches on 4 continents.  Earl, says, “I am a disciple of Christ, who applies God’s word to every aspect of life. The Holy Spirit anointed application of God’s Word gives us the ability to be “IN but not “OF” this world, so God can use us common people to achieve unusual accomplishments, like those listed here:   http://www.threedimensionalleader.com/about.html. 3-D MRC has applications in both the secular and the church worlds, as one also can see by this website: http://3dchurches.com  The leadership principles I teach provide more than a loosely associated string of inspiring sound bytes, but are a tightly knit, cohesive system that trains talented people to transform their ministries and workplaces by focussing on the “mission, resource and context” (MRC) relationship.  3-D MRC works in all types of cultures because human nature is the same, no matter in what country we are born, or in what type or size organization we work.”

The journey to found LCF started when Earl was called to teach week long Bible conferences over 14 summers. He would vacation from his job and teach up to three weeks at two different Christian camps. Then he filled in as the interim preacher at a church for seven months.  Most recently, however, Earl started two Bible studies from people who came to or rededicated their lives back to Christ, after hearing a 3-BR message.  It was from this movement that LCF was born.

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