Light in the Darkness

God is establishing His light through Liberty Christian Fellowship as a beacon in this darkness to promote:

  • Christian discipleship that walks in the benefits of Biblical morality.
  • Reversing the government’s pressure to deny and suppress America’s True Christian heritage.
  • Schools teaching the 3-Rs instead of socially engineering to encourage our children to live immorally.
We are standing against the following trends in our ever more secular culture:
  • Schools teaching immorality while they fail to teach the 3-R’s.
  • Young people growing up without the moral guidance the Bible provides, and are being led astray like sheep without a Good Shepherd.
  • Sharia Law knocking at the door of our legal institutions.
  • Popular culture teaching women they are objects and the sexual playthings of men.
  • Popular culture teaching men to treat women as objects and sexual playthings.
  • Popular culture purposely educating our children to confuse their sexuality and promote a homosexual agenda.
  • Suppression of the Bible in favor of extolling the virtues of government programs.

If you are concerned about these cultural trends, then we invite you to come and join LCF and become a solution of light in the mad sea of darkness!