Our civic responsibilities are an integral part of our lives as citizens, and the Bible offers invaluable guidance on how to fulfill them. In this email, we’ll examine the biblical principles that underpin our civic duties and explore how we can apply them to our daily lives.

Our faith calls us to be good stewards of the world we live in, to love our neighbors, and to seek justice. These principles extend to our involvement in civic affairs, where we can advocate for policies that reflect our values and promote the well-being of all.

One vital biblical teaching related to our civic responsibilities is the call to be peacemakers. We are encouraged to work towards reconciliation and the resolution of conflicts, both in our personal interactions and in the broader community.

In the upcoming emails, we’ll continue to explore specific passages and teachings from the Bible that emphasize our role as responsible citizens. By embracing these principles, we can make a positive impact on our communities and nation.

Join us in this ongoing exploration of how the Bible’s wisdom can guide our civic responsibilities and inspire us to be agents of positive change in the civic realm, reflecting the love, justice, and compassion of our faith.


Pastors Earl Wallace and Mark Brumbaugh
Liberty Christian Fellowship Church

P.S. The livestream videos from the ‘Restore USA Conference’ on 10/7/23 are now available for viewing (if you missed the event). Here’s the link to the Rumble channel that you can see them on: https://rumble.com/user/LibertyCF

Thank you, as always for your support.

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