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Zipporah’s dark arms sheltered Moses on the run

Could the warrior and the priest’s daughter make it as one?

Opposites match like a zebra and its stripes

An angry man takes off his shoes

Love grows by the fire


They say all is fair in love and war

Why would anybody mix the two?

Love is a mystery like Christ loves the church

Love is more than fair with you

Ruth’s too young; her Boaz too old

Souls reach out to touch what was lost long ago

Love follows tragedy like rainbows follow storms

Old dogs learn new tricks when love is like rolling out your tent in the wind

Halfhearted effort can leave you holding nothing

Love works twice for Laban just to be by your side

Love’s not 50-50

Love is laying down

It’s laying down your life

Isaac caressed Becky on the dunes of foreign san

The winds of change didn’t blow out the flames

They say there’s not much to love at first sight

Their love survived every storm and all the changes of life


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