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NEHEMIAH……Here Am I Send Me

 Welcome to the Newheart Commentary of the Lifting Us Up in Liberty Program 

The Book of Nehemiah only has 13 chapters. Please read this short book of the Old Testament. It will enlighten you and guide you to become that mighty prayer warrior that Nehemiah was. The name Nehemiah means “The Lord Is Comforted.” In Nehemiah Chapter 1:11 it says he was cupbearer to the king. He was similar to a chief of staff, an advisor to the king.

His character and status earned him respect living as an exiled Jew. He was a servant and a leader. He enjoyed security, wealth & comfort. But Nehemiah longed to restore life & godliness to the land of his forebears.

The Jews needed a friend in high places in hopes to rebuild the city of Jerusalem. Its gates were destroyed by fire. People were suffering from distress and shame. But Nehemiah responded to the  bad news in prayer. He was a man in tune with the spirit of God.

Are we, the body of Christ in tune with God? Are we praying mighty prayers of praise, perseverance, and preparation? God makes it possible for us to surrender and obey and be about Our Father’s business. God can and will use the body of Christ. Allow yourself to seek Him with all your heart. Confess your sins….repent of your sins….ask Jesus to cleanse you of all unrighteousness. Purpose in your heart to be the Nehemiah of your family, your country, your church, your workplace. Ask God that whatever breaks His heart to break yours heart also.

In Matthew 28:19 Jesus commands us to “go and make disciples of all nations…” Therefore, prayer does not absolve us of the responsibility to act. When praying, we must be prepared to do God’s will. We must be prepared to step out of our comfort zone. In Isaiah 6:8 when Isaiah heard the voice of the Lord saying “Whom shall I send?” Isaiah said “Here am I. Send me!” Seek God in prayer with all your heart. The harvest is right in your neighborhood, campus, schools and more….God will respond when you align your desires with His Holy Spirit. And all for His glory!  Michael Youssef wrote a book called “God Help Me Rebuild My Broken World” that gives great insight to rebuilding our crumbling society.

At Liberty Christian Fellowship, Pastor Wallace says people are truly unaware of Who the God of the Bible truly is and what He truly stands for. We believe that America’s school children, teachers and administrators will respond to the right application of the Gospel when they hear it. Public schools have suppressed the Bible by mishandling the concept of “separation of church & state.”  Pastor Wallace believes God has provided “The Biblical Basis of The Bill of Rights” to lead people in secular schools to Christ, while also providing them with a correct view of history that connects the dots between the Bible and the individual & civic benefits it provides. Our best opportunity to reach a majority of the next generation with God’s message of love & truth is now…..shall we respond with “Here Am I…Send Me?

This will lift us all up in liberty!

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