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Parents: This 3 minute Newheart  commentary is for YOU! School is just about out for the summer months. Hopefully you’re excited to spend quality time with your children. Whether elementary, high school or college recess, it’s time to check out the school you’re sending your valuable child to. What are they truly learning in school these days? Does it correspond with your Christian values?

You don’t have to go far to read and hear of the normalization  of transgenderism. Is the normalization part of your school’s curriculum? If not, it will. Who’s judgment do you trust? The school? Or yours?  Your precious 5 or 8 or 10 yr old is hearing about it already. Do you care? You should. They’re being taught that it’s bigoted and oppressive  if not receptive of this alternative lifestyle. 

[bctt tweet="Parents, our children need proper guidance and Biblical teaching from the home."]

Parents, our children need proper guidance and Biblical teaching from the home. These kids are at school 5 days a week, 6-7 hours each day, 10 months of the year for 12 years! How much time do you spend teaching them Godly Biblical values and principals? How much time is spent in teaching what’s right and what’s wrong in God’s eyes?

Your child is not prepared for this type of onslaught. They’re too young to stand up and defend themselves. Do you truly think they will escape the school system unscathed? Things aren’t looking more positive. Are you waiting to just “get thru it all” and hope everything will be fine? 

For many parents it’s only feasible to send your children to public school. What else is there to do? The private school alternative might be out of your price range. But the cultural decay has crept in private schools as well. Home schooling sounds like a good alternative but you have to work to feed the kids, and pay the bills.

I don’t have all the answers. But your children are being used as “useful idiots” (a socialist/Marxist ideology). Your children are America’s future leaders in family, church and government. Unless parents and the church in America take a stand and pray and teach the Biblical basis of our family unit, teach civics 101 and put God first, we will go down as a once great nation and fall miserably into our wretched sin.

Get that Bible out this summer…start reading it to your children every day and night. Read all of Romans Chapter 1. This will educate you on God’s wrath against mankind. This deals with exactly what our culture is experiencing today. 

If your church isn’t accurately teaching the absolute truths of God’s Holy Word, it is time to leave that church! You must know & it is your duty to know the Bible & teach it to your children! Is your church lukewarm? In Revelation 3:16 Jesus said to the Church in Laodicea “So, because you are lukewarm, neither hot nor cold-I am about to spit you out of my mouth.”

Summer is the perfect time to bring your family to Liberty Christian Fellowship and hear the truthful, expository sermons by Pastor Earl Wallace. Our children’s Liberty Kids Program each Sunday adds the final touch that lifts the entire family up in liberty. 

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