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Liberty means freedom. But with freedom comes responsibility. Freedom to some people means doing whatever you want. But God knew people could not live together without Law; Natural Law: The 10 Commandments. This is where our morals in society come from.

America cannot last without strong morals. Liberty consists of freedom and morals. Liberty keeps government from telling us what type of work we are to do, or what type of religion we are to belong to. Benjamin Franklin said in 1787 that the founders had given the American people a republic “IF YOU CAN KEEP IT.” In this day, it appears we’re losing it.[bctt tweet=”Too many Pastors have allowed government to intimidate them if they preach against government intrusion or homosexuality, or fornication….just to name a few.” username=”LibertyCF3″]

The facts don’t lie. America is on her death spiral – on its way to losing religious freedoms. The BIG LIE: “SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE” has been told over & over again is believed by many, including Christians and church leaders. Adding to the lie is The Johnson Amendment. It has deterred pastors from any speech that is construed as political. This anti free speech law has muzzled too many pastors over time. The result is the decaying of morals & values across the land.

Too many Pastors have allowed government to intimidate them if they preach against government intrusion or homosexuality, or fornication….just to name a few. Look at the societal decay when Biblical truth is ignored: Normalization of same sex attraction is taught in schools and unfortunately some churches. Some parents are convinced their child should’ve been another sex and allow this falsehood to penetrate their young minds. Unstable family environments has resulted in the increase of the welfare state. And, since 1973, millions of unborn human beings have been murdered in the womb. Note that GOVERNMENT has made law legalizing the sins of same sex marriage and abortion.

If the pulpit had taken a stand & not acted out of fear, then the culture might be better today. Read Amendment #1 to the U.S. Constitution. It says in part: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion OR prohibiting the free exercise thereof…….Absolutely NOTHING here says “separation of church & state.” Do homework and see where that phrase appears and why. Taking any phrase out of context is false. Great damage has been done by this lie. Church, take a stand and call out state, federal, local government AND schools when your God given rights to freedom are trampled upon. Attend school board meetings. Hear what your children are learning these days. It’s ungodly and in some cases disgusting.

Does your pastor talk about the corrupt teachings that are happening within your schools? Does your pastor take a stand when he sees government infringing between God and God’s people? Does your pastor explain that America’s Founding Fathers codified in the Bill of Rights the protection of the inalienable rights God gave us? Our pastor does. He explains there is a “Biblical Basis to the Bill of Rights.” Join us this Sunday and be liberated at Liberty.  [email-download-link namefield=”YES” id=”169″]


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