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The roots that brought religious freedom & liberty to America was religious persecution: The government controlling the church and the church controlling the people. Those fleeing held worship services in secret, & children were used as “lookouts”. They were Escaping a tyrannical king and being thrown in jail and having their Bibles stolen.

The great escape for religious liberty and freedom ultimately brought families to board ships for the New World. The ships were small; family members were forced to separate and some even had to stay behind. The seas were stormy. Many became sick and died.[bctt tweet=”The great escape for religious liberty and freedom ultimately brought families to board ships for the New World.” username=”LibertyCF3″]

 Upon arrival at Plymouth, it was cold and there was nowhere to stay. Most of the women died by winter’s end. Most children survived. The captain suggested to go back, but not one wanted to return; even though 47 of 102 died. An agreement of rules to live by called the “Mayflower Compact” was drawn up on the ship “FOR THE GLORY OF GOD AND ADVANCEMENT OF CHRISTIAN FAITH.” William Bradford was Governor of Plymouth Colony and said all men are created equal under the law. He was a faithful leader.

The historic Thanksgiving began in 1621 when the first settlers declared a day of thanksgiving in gratitude to God for His bountiful harvest. In George Washington’s first year as president, he recognized a day of thanksgiving for our nation. The Thanksgiving holiday became official in 1862 when Abraham Lincoln was president.

The history of this country’s beginning is rich. It needs to be appreciated and understood and shared by more Americans than ever before. The hardships suffered by these early settlers to escape religious tyranny was worth it for them; even unto death for many of them.

 We’re seeing the beginnings of religious tyranny in this country. One example is government forcing Christian business owners to perform a job that goes against their conscience. Or, a judge in public office being fired for refusing to marry same sex couples because it goes against her moral principles.

 When you gather this Thanksgiving, won’t you reflect on history past and pray that you will be doers of God’s Holy Word and be the disciple that takes a stand for freedom and liberty? It’s not too late yet, but the days are growing dim. It’s time to sow the seeds of liberty in your heart & your children’s hearts. America is exceptional because it has protected liberty longer than any other nation. Why? Because we put God first! America knew liberty is a gift from God. We must protect it.

 Are you willing to stand in the gap? Must we be ignorant of the reason the settlers came to this land was to escape religious persecution? Do you not see it happening again? Our church name is Liberty Christian Fellowship for a reason: To freely share the gospel message in church, families & schools. We are that church in Amendment #1 that utilizes the exercise of religious freedom because Congress CANNOT make law establishing a one size fits all religion. Won’t you come & worship with us this Sunday? [email-download-link namefield=”YES” id=”178″]


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