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The last time the Newheart Commentary talked about putting God first before your day begins and impressing this upon your children before they begin their school day. I think of so many missed opportunities our families and school children didn’t experience because they didn’t’ pray or have God in their lives. Now we see a generation of godless, heartless people deceived by lies & ignorance of the truth.

As a result, we see chaos in the streets. We see looting, chanting of obscenities, destruction of property, disrespect for law enforcement, and murder. We are witnessing a godless society. Almighty God was removed from prayer in the classrooms many years ago. Removal of crosses & the Ten Commandments have been taken from the public square. This, because a minority was offended! This, because the majority didn’t take a stand.


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Currently, statues of American History are being removed because it’s too offensive to a few. I think of Jesus when he was stripped naked & beaten beyond recognition, spat upon & mocked, nailed to a cross and died; experiencing separation from God the Father for that moment in time. That is beyond offensive. But thugs on the streets cower behind their false narratives acting like heroes to their cause. 

I think of the many blessings God gave America. Freedom. Inventions from airplanes, to electricity, to computers. The convenience of grocery store shopping. The opportunity to work and earn as much money that you’re willing to work for & educate yourself for. Access to medical services. America was the opportunity for mankind to explore & invent and share his ideas around the world. God was put first in our Constitution, he was put first in homes and classrooms. God blessed America abundantly. 

But now, I see riots in the streets: People complaining they don’t have justice, they don’t have enough rights. But yet they use their First Amendment “Right” they say for freedom of speech. I don’t see peaceable assembly in most of these uprisings. It makes me cringe. I’m ashamed. We have an abundance of everything in this country including the best justice system where you’re considered innocent until proven guilty. We’re spoiled. We take too much for granted. We’ve turned our backs on God.

Innocent people are being killed around the globe due to hateful people that kill in the name of their god. Churches are bombed, homes are ravaged, people live in squalor. Their governments ration their food. They’re hungry. They’ve witnessed their children being murdered. And what is America’s problem? What is America’s news headlines of the day? You can fill in that blank….there are many but none like the ones I’ve just mentioned.

I say it’s time for the Church, the born again believers to get up out of their cushy pews and get out and Disciple! We’re losing our families, our schools, and our country. 

At Liberty Christian Fellowship, you will be motivated to be that disciple and lift others up in liberty.

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