Sharing some thoughts from Pastor Earl:

God’s light will push away the darkness, but God’s people need to learn how to Stand! God’s word never returns void. Silencing it has been Satan’s strategy.
Scripture is designed to make us feel uncomfortable, so we come to Christ for forgiveness and salvation. We have 160 million Americans claiming to be ‘Christians’, yet we now understand the majority of them are not actual Bible readers, and go to churches that don’t teach specifically what the Bible says. So many people call themselves Christians, but they have a god who is man-made or self-made after their
own image. More often than not that image has nothing to do with how God has revealed Himself in Scripture. God is cursing our nation because of this, and people who don’t understand this are part of the problem, even though they think they are part of the solution.
Not talking about The Bible is a compromise, I am not going to make.
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Steadfast Servants of God Submit, Stand & Share Publicly
James 4: 7 7 submit (a military term meaning to get into your proper rank, and place within the Body) yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.  
Resisting Satan means …
1.  To establish one’s position publicly by conspicuously “holding one’s ground,” refusing to be moved or “pushed back”
2.  To unswervingly stand and declare with personal conviction
3.  To keep one’s possession (singular as in salvation and its benefits) by ardently withstanding, without giving up or letting go!

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