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Nepal(Received from David Nelms of Timothy Initiative) Last year the government of Nepal formally criminalized conversion to Christianity. They enacted an “anti-conversion” law that makes it illegal to attempt to convert someone from their faith in the former Hindu Kingdom. Christians make up a small minority of the population, and this move is being seen as one to institutionalize Hinduism and stop the spread of Christianity. According to Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary, the Church in Nepal has been growing at a faster rate than nearly anywhere else in the world. 
On August 15th, this new law will be enforced. It has been said that Christian leaders will be targeted for arrest and prosecution. Our people have been told that Hindu forces within the government have already drafted a list of Christian leaders to be immediately jailed, and our top leaders are on the list. In the last decade these men have overseen the planting of thousands of churches. It makes sense that they’d being targeted by forces trying to halt the growth of the Church.
We are calling on all believers to join us for a day of prayer and fasting for the people of Nepal on August 14th. By the time that we have finished our day of prayer and fasting, the sun will rise in Nepal, and we pray that the Lord will be with his people, no matter what trials they face.


For Christ and Country, 

Pastor Earl

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