Let’s move beyond merely reciting the problems to applying the Bible to civics as did America’s founding generations from 1620-1776!

Because “the Bible Is The Source of America’s Inalienable Rights,” we can relearn to apply it to recapture what America has lost. Many believe America was founded as a Christian nation, but few can connect the dots between the Bible and America’s Founding Documents!

Sign up today to learn why so many prominent early Americans said, “The American Revolution was birthed from the sermons preached in Bible-preaching Christian churches the ten years before! All religions have cultural and political outcomes. The Declaration of Independence refutes atheism, deism and other false religions masquerading as Biblical Christianity!

We’ll learn how the Bible’s Ten Commandments is the value system enumerated in America’s ten Bill of Rights. They align to secure our right to worship God publicly as He desires per 10 Commandments 1-4, honor our family members, and not steal from, sexually molest, murder, or lie to or about each other!

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