If you believe America was founded as a Christian nation, and if you understand the inalienable rights referenced in The Declaration of Independence are our Ten Commandments rights, then you can see our struggle to reclaim America’s politics are between people who have a Ten Commandments value system and those who don’t.

Think about it. There are people, politicians and political parties that believe it is okay to murder, steal from, sexually molest and mutilate, and lie to and about others, and there are those of us who don’t.

Let’s Define Conservatism As Having A Ten Commandments Value System

When people say to me they are “conservative,” I ask them, “What are you trying to conserve?” I used to be fooled into thinking that people, politicians and political parties who say, “I want to balance the budget,” or “I am pro-life.” I would watch those same people violate our inalienable rights to not be stolen from by voting for ridiculous spending bills that necessitates raising our taxes, and see them support abortion up to a particular trimester of pregnancy. Their political party bosses actually advised them to do so!

Since God Made America, Let’s Actually Trust Him To Restore US (pun intended)

I did a “Biblical Basis of Bill of Rights” Bible study at a coffee shop, and a young man who worked for our state legislature said, “I get it, when we are preparing a bill, we must determine to violate as few of the Ten Commandments as possible.” I responded, “Why would you set the bar that low? Bills only are Constitutional when they don’t violate any of God’s Ten Commandments. If we appeal to God to help us run and restore the beloved state and country He gave us, do you think He honors us breaking any of His Ten Commandments?”

Here’s The Only Litmus Test We Can Trust

The Puritan-Pilgrims through whom God constructed our beloved USA had a three-point litmus test for those who would serve in public offices. Civil servants 1) had to Bible believing, 2) have a testimony they had been born again, per John 3:3-16, and had to demonstrate they were participating in Christian discipleship, including regularly attending a Bible-preaching church, Bible studies and prayer meetings. Those activities could provide eye witnesses who could verify the candidate for public service was personally accountable to God and living by His Ten Commandments value system.

Ben Franklin wrote the Pennsylvania Constitution. In it he established a Biblical (Judeo-Christian) religious test for those wanting to hold office. They had to agree to this statement:

“I do believe in one God, the Creator and Governor of the Universe, the Rewarder of the good and the Punisher of the wicked. And I do acknowledge the Scriptures of the Old and New Testament to be given by Divine Inspiration.” Wise old Ben Franklin concluded, “And no further or other religious test shall ever hereafter be required.”

Let’s Throw Off The Shackles Of The Lie Of “Separation Of Church and State”

Are you surprised Ben Franklin not only said, but wrote those statements? I too was surprised. This is because our political parties, media, congress people and educators lie to us in two ways: 1) they withhold information from US (pun intended), and 2) they cite “separation of church and state” as if it is a Biblical mandate codified in the US Constitution — neither of which is true!

Let’s not be ashamed of the Gospel and the Bible’s application to every aspect of life, including civics. Forward this message to those in your patriotic circles, and let’s see how God works to convert more Americans to Christ, and our nation’s true Biblical Founding!

For Christ & Country,

Pastors Earl Wallace and Mark Brumbaugh
Liberty Christian Fellowship Church


P.S. To learn more about the real nature of America’s Bible-based founding, and help others join this patriotic American Restoration movement, visit “The Liberty Beacon: Revealing Truth” (5 Minute Messages That Matters) broadcasts, using the links below, and FOLLOW our Liberty Christian Fellowship Church on Rumble by using this link: https://rumble.com/user/LibertyCF

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