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The Biblical Chicken Must Come Before The “Constitutional Egg”

By decrying “separation of church and state” a phrase neither appearing in the US Constitution, nor in the Bible, the enemies of the Republic and the freedom Christ brings have separated the Constitution from its Biblical foundation.  The Nineveh Project’s goal is to help people understand and appreciate how “The Bible applies to administration of the state.

America was started by those who escaped religious persecution because they wanted to apply the Bible to every aspect of life, including our civics.

God’s Spirit and blessing are in His Word and extends to those who hear it, believe and honor it (Isaiah 55:10-11).  We believe God responded to America’s Founding Fathers’ prayers and sincere desire to honor Him in the way we collectively should live, and gave them the US Constitution.

The Nineveh Project will help people come to Christ and honor the Bible as The absolute Word of God and appreciate how it inspired and instructed America’s Founding Fathers to write the US Constitution.


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