America has smelly SOCS.

It has nothing to do with our feet, and everything to do with our freedom! Read on to see what we mean.

Liberty means freedom of behavior and political and religious views. But with freedom comes responsibility. For instance, the freedom of speech does not give one the right to yell “fire” in a theater. But God knew people could not live together without Law. God gave us the Natural Law of the The Ten Commandments, which define our responsibilities to treat each other by what The Declaration of Independence enumerate as our inalienable rights to not be murdered (6), sexually abused (7), stolen from (8), lied to or about (9), and to not have our blessings coveted by those who want to deny us access to them (10). Our responsibilities before God and man include us having the Commandments 1-4 freedoms and rights to worship God publicly, and the #5 right to have government officials honor our family sanctity, so as not to infringe upon or violate our parental rights. These are the founding morals of American society, and those by which we should be advocating to restore morality, civility and common sense to our society.

America’s freedoms depend upon the consistent, immutable morals of the Ten Commandments. Liberty means government can’t tell us the type of moral work we can do, or what type of religion we belong to. Benjamin Franklin said in 1787 the founders had given the American people a republic “IF YOU CAN KEEP IT.” Today, it appears we’re losing it.

America is on her death spiral because The BIG LIE of “SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE” has been repeated by politicians, news media, law schools and lawyers, so now it is believed by most people, including Christians and church leaders.

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