In recent times, we’ve witnessed a concerning trend—the gradual erosion of our Civic liberties. The very freedoms that form the foundation of our society are facing challenges. In this email, we’ll explore this critical issue and its implications for our lives.

Civic liberties, such as the right to free speech, peaceful assembly, and the ability to participate in the democratic process, are the cornerstones of our Constitutional Republic. They empower us to voice our opinions, advocate for change, and hold those in power accountable.

However, we’re living in a time when these liberties are under threat. Restrictions on free speech, the erosion of privacy, and limitations on our ability to gather and protest have raised valid concerns.

As people of faith, we’re called to stand up for justice, defend the marginalized, and protect the rights and freedoms of all. The erosion of Civic liberties hinders our ability to fulfill these callings effectively.

In the coming emails, we’ll delve deeper into this issue and explore ways to safeguard our Civic liberties, which are protected through the Bill of Rights. Together, we can work to ensure that our Constitutional Republic remains strong, vibrant, and truly representative of our values.

Join us in this conversation about the critical importance of preserving our civic liberties and the steps we can take to address this challenge.


Pastors Earl Wallace and Mark Brumbaugh

Liberty Christian Fellowship

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