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The Nineveh Project is Pastor Earl Wallace’s belief that God is sending him and others as Jonah’s into Nineveh like environments, where people seem to be hostile to The God of The Bible, but in reality are ignorant and unaware of Who He Is and What He stands for.

Like the Ninevehans, who repented when they heard Jonah’s message, and like Rehab who knew the two Israelites, who are called “messengers” in the book of James, were serving the one true God whom she longed for, Pastor Earl believes America’s school children, teachers and administrators will respond to the right application of the Gospel when they hear it.  Public school systems have suppressed The Bible by mishandling the concept of “separation of church and state” – so much so that America’s school children and teachers completely are ignorant of the value The Judeo-Christian Biblical value system provides for cultures.

Pastor Earl Wallace believes God has provided “The Biblical Basis of The Bill of Rights” to lead people in secular schools to Christ, while also providing them with a correct view of history that connects the dots between The Bible and the individual and civic benefits it provides.  People are being denied access to learning how God worked through America’s Founding Fathers to deliver the US Constitution, which frees the individual to live for Christ and enjoy the benefits of Biblical civics. One does not have to convert to Christianity to enjoy these benefits, which undergird the stability and freedom of Western Civil


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