The Nineveh Project’s goal is to send Jonah’s whom are people trained in “The Biblical Basis of The Bill of Rights” into public schools to teach America’s true heritage and history of how Bible believing Christians founded this country. Reentering the Gospel into the public schools through The Biblical Basis of The Bill of Rights” program (3-BR) is necessary to stem the tide of false teaching that is being force fed to our current generation of school students, just as it also misled the previous generation before that.  Entering the public schools may be our best opportunity to reach a majority of the next generation with God’s message of love and truth.

  • Since public schools are promoting Islam with its accompanying radical and destructive tendencies, America needs The Biblical Basis of The Bill of Rights now! We are asking you to help with this effort, either by doing one or more of the following three things;
  • Prayingthat God grants us favor with 3-BR champions, who will use their influence to open doors for us to be able to teach in the schools;
  • Givingfinancially to support and expand our current radio and television shows.
  • Sponsoringour training programs at your organization and facility and using your influence to get as many people as possible to attend to be trained as “Biblical Basis of The Bill of Rights”.