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Is tolerance tricking US, into abandoning the “1st Amendment Position” God worked through America’s Founding Fathers to give the church?

The phrase “Separation of Church and State” denies the fact that the 1st Amendment of the US Constitution conjoins 5 rights beginning with “freedom of religion” because Biblical Christianity – the only religion America’s Founders practiced – is supposed to guide the other 4 elements of the amendment.  This means a) the free and public expression of Biblical Christianity should inform our national conscience and is what should guide and motivate our b) speech, both what should be considered wholesome and what is irreverent; c) the way the press should conduct itself to report as criminal behavior that which the Bible calls sin, and to report as noteworthy that which the Bible calls “praiseworthy.” Christianity also d) guides the reasons why we assemble for Bible studies, and e) is the reason why we petition the government when it fails to treat “we the people’ according to the 10 Commandments.

The phrase “Separation of Church and State” gives people the false impression that America should tolerate our government operating like China and Russia, where the state is under no obligation to treat their citizens according to the 10 Commandments – or any other Biblical principle. It gives the impression that government is supposed to operate completely free from Biblical values — as if God will not judge the nations, per Psalm 82:8.  The phrase “Separation of Church and State” communicates the exact opposite of what the Declaration of Independence means, when it says governments are instituted to cooperate with God and secure the rights He gives people, such as those imbedded in the 10 Commandments, which are the right to not murdered, not sexually molested, not to be lied to nor have government covet our belongings.

The phrase “Separation of Church and State” denies there are many benefits that accrue to societies that operate as Christian cultures with the Bible as the foundation of their ethics – the set of moral principles that govern expected behaviors.

The concept of “tolerance”, in my opinion, is what causes us to be “…children, tossed here and there by waves and carried about by every wind of doctrine, by the trickery of men, by craftiness in deceitful scheming, per Eph 4:14.  The modern concept of “Tolerance” tricks the church into reading and preaching The Bible through the false cultural narratives of political correctness that craftily trick us into tolerating lies that sin, against God’s Word, rather than standing firmly on God’s Holy Word.

By preaching “tolerance” we teach the church to accept government sponsored violations of The 10 Commandments.  We learn to tolerate that “women’s rights means even female babies can be murdered – even as they are coming out of the womb. We learn to tolerate sexual promiscuity being taught to our school children as “gender rights.”  We learn to tolerate racism by minorities, who are told that “because their lives matter, others do not,” which ignores what God says about love and forgiveness.

All of these government sponsored violations of God’s word are unopposed and unaddressed by The Church because we tolerate the lie of “Separation of Church and State,” a phrase which neither appears in the Bible, nor the US Constitution.  Tolerating that lie, and even quoting it as if it is scripture, keeps we, the people, who are called by God’s name from repenting of all the lies that are tricking up our walk, so God heals our land and lifts us up in liberty.

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