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Let me repeat that.  “In the minds of America’s Founding Fathers The Bible and the US Constitution are so intertwined that they gave us the tradition of swearing upon one that we will uphold the other.

America’s Founding Fathers gave us this tradition because they knew they based the US Constitution on the Bible.  Their intention was to publicly demonstrate that The Bible is the foundation for our US Constitution. Thus America’s Founding Fathers gave us the tradition of swearing upon one (the Bible) that we will uphold the other (The US Constitution.)

America’s Founding Fathers were people, whose parents and grandparents had fled Christian persecution in Europe. Upon arriving in America, free from the governments that said they only could practice faith the government’s way, they looked to God to design a nation that would allow people to be free to practice Christianity – God’s Way – as He explains in the Bible.  The Founding Fathers understood that God motivated them to write a societal and civic plan that was to be guided by the US Constitution, which is based on the Bible.  They also understood that the only way people could uphold the Constitution was with the help of Almighty God, and by personally practicing faith in Him!  So they included, “So Help Me God” when taking their oaths of office. That phrase petitions God to help us to walk the straight and narrow way of the Bible while working in public service – in the government that is supposed to administer the US Constitution, which contrary to the deceitful phrase of “separation of church and state” is based upon the Bible.

America’s Founding Fathers also purchased Bibles to be distributed in public and private schools.

The challenge we have in America today is that people who do not honor God actually are using government power to undermine the principles in the Bible upon which the US Constitution is based.

Though they couch the promotion of sin as a right to which we all need to have access, we know that sin enslaves us, and that Jesus came to set us free from sin.  Jesus says, “He whom the son sets free is free indeed.”  Let us not get sucked into the sin that both our government and educational systems’ are sponsoring.

The first amend of the Constitution was designed to encourage us not to let government violate our Biblical rights to be free from being forced or even encouraged to sin against God’s word.

Of course we do not know this today because the government controlled education system is making sure that America’s founding documents no longer are taught in public schools.  Even those private schools who subscribe to government curriculum no longer receive an education in the traditional civics upon which our nation was founded.

Again, I ask the question, if truth sets us free, what are lies – which includes the intentional withholding of information going to do to us?  We must break free from lies to get lifted up in the Lord’s Liberty.

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