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Welcome to ‘The Liberty Beacon: Revealing Truth’ Podcast, where we dive deep into the timeless wisdom of the Bible and explore its extraordinary relevance to our modern lives, even in the world of civics! 

Are you curious about how an ancient book can provide fresh perspectives on the world we navigate every day? 

Do you find yourself wondering how the age-old teachings of the Bible can shed light on the complexities of our modern society and the intricate dance of civics? 

Well, you’ve just stumbled upon your new favorite Podcast!

Let’s be honest – life can be a whirlwind of challenges, decisions, and moments that make us scratch our heads. But fear not, because ‘The Liberty Beacon: Revealing Truth’ is your compass in this journey! 

Join us as we journey through captivating conversations, thought-provoking insights, and heartwarming stories that unveil the timeless truths hidden within the pages of the Bible taught by Pastor Earl Wallace.

Picture this: you’re sitting in traffic, scrolling through news updates, or maybe just taking a quiet moment for yourself. What if, in those everyday instances, you could tap into the extraordinary wisdom of the Bible and discover its practical applications in your life? 

That’s exactly what ‘The Liberty Beacon: Revealing Truth’ offers – a fresh perspective that empowers you to live with purpose, authenticity, and a dash of that ancient wisdom!

Pastor Earl doesn’t lecture you with dusty old sermons. ‘The Liberty Beacon: Revealing Truth’ Show is like that warm, engaging conversation you have with a good friend over a cup of coffee (or your beverage of choice!). Pastor Earl, brings a refreshing blend of humor, curiosity, and relatability to each episode. 

Whether he’s discussing how biblical principles can influence your involvement in local communities, understanding the dynamics of government, or even shedding light on how civics plays a role in your daily decisions – consider us your trusty companions on this journey of discovery.

So, why should you give us a listen? Because we believe that wisdom knows no time bounds. Because the stories of the Bible are more than ancient tales – they’re guideposts for your modern adventures. And because, my friend, you deserve a Podcast that connects the dots between the sacred and the secular in a way that’s authentic, insightful, and downright enjoyable.

Tune in to ‘The Liberty Beacon: Revealing Truth’ Show and let’s explore life, faith, and civics together – one 5 minute episode at a time. 

It’s time to uncover the extraordinary within the ordinary, and we can’t wait to have you on board! Click on your favorite platform icon above to jump right to the Show and scroll through to find your favorite topics. 

Thanks for listening, 

Pastor Earl Wallace

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We meet each Saturday at 5:15 p.m.
Liberty Christian Fellowship Church
c/o Perry Road Baptist Church
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