Biblical Basis of the Bill of Rights

America’s founding fathers understood that our rights come from God. Government today cannot violate the Bill of Rights without violating the 10 commandments. They realized God was saying through…

Liberty Offsite Body of Christ Communities

Here’s How You Can Host A Liberty Christian Bible Study That Teaches How The Bible Applies to Every Aspect of Life Including Civics. 

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We’ll help you learn more about the Bible while also helping your family members, acquaintances, converts, friends and interested others learn too! You don’t have to spend your time doing all the study and prep necessary. Pastor Earl has done this for us!.
You host/facilitate weekly Bible studies that view our teaching series and complete fill-ins of our downloaded bulletin sermon notes.
The Bible consistently reveals Who God/Christ/The Holy Spirit is from Genesis to Revelation. The Bible is called Old & New “Testaments” because the people whose stories are told provide a “testimony” of Who God Is and what can be like in relation to Who God Is! Thus we see how are lives are transformed to testify of God!

Stop the videos as often as you like, so you and those participating can comment, ask questions, look up other verses. Take 2-3 weeks or more to go through a video.

Since we teach through entire books of the Bible, the LOBOCC initiative is great for getting people to learn Scripture unconstrained by false ideologies, like “separation of church and state.”

Video Shorts

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Contact Us

Phone: 518-545-7744
We meet each Saturday at 5:15 p.m.
Liberty Christian Fellowship Church
c/o Perry Road Baptist Church
150 Perry Rd.
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

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